Benefits Of Sauna (Infrared Saunas) For You

Published: 23rd August 2011
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Sauna and food: the circulatory system carries more effort in some situations, such as sick after eating, exercise, and in situations where there is severe vasodilation as in a hot bath and sauna. The circulatory system should never be overloaded with more of an event that requires more effort. Recommendation of not swimming after eating is a classic example, wait one to two hours. The same procedure must be followed to hot baths or sauna after heavy feeding. Give one to two hours apart. As after any exercise, you should eat one to two glasses of water during and after the sauna, to replace the fluids lost.

Sauna and alcohol: consumption of alcohol increases the effects of sauna on cardiac activity and therefore should be avoided.

Never drink alcohol immediately before or during the sauna. Alcohol dilates the peripheral vessels. With the sauna, there is dilated and the effects will be bad for the body. Signs and symptoms of malaise, nausea, dizziness or fainting during a sauna may occur more easily.

Muscle relaxant: the vasodilation produced also activates blood circulation in muscles, facilitating relaxation, improving oxygenation and renovation waste of metabolism. The result, for some people is to reduce muscle pain. However, its use as an adjuvant treatment should only be done by a doctor.

Sauna after strenuous exercise: You should avoid the sauna after strenuous exercise or during and after debilitating disease. The body does not support these two overloads.

Calorie deficit: to be determined increase in body temperature, increased blood flow and cardiac work, there is evidence that there is loss of calories during a sauna and not just water loss.According to some reports, a section of sauna and conducted would be to walk 30 minutes forced.

Sauna and mental fatigue: the intense mental fatigue does not constitute a restriction. Finnish students traditionally do sauna after year-end exams.

Sauna and pregnancy: pregnant women have, by their condition, an overload of circulatory system. The sauna is an additional effort. If a woman is accustomed to have a sauna, must observe the changes of their limits and adjust the time and temperature sauna to their feelings of well-being, without forcing. It should be much more attentive to all the care described in these recommendations. Special attention for dizziness. It is recommended that fluid intake often.Pregnant woman who has dizziness routine should not attend sauna. It is an attitude of risk. If you have occasional dizziness, can only go to the sauna when you're feeling safe and nothing. When in doubt, seek guidance from your doctor.

Sauna and contact lenses: Contact lenses can cause eye irritation and dry. Recommend its removal before entering the sauna or follow the guidance of an ophthalmologist.

Sauna, glasses and glass bottles, and other bathroom accessories: glass objects should never be used in areas where the floor is wet and sometimes slippery. The reduction of visibility within the sauna, the low light needed for a relaxing environment, contraindication to the use of these objects.

Sauna and use of jewelry: Remove jewelry before entering the sauna. The metals become very hot causing bumps on the skin where it is. The bumps can cause constriction.

Malaise during a sauna: the body of people react differently in front of the heat. Know your limits, starting at low temperature sauna and raising it gradually. Let your body to signal the limits. Do not force. Do not get in a sauna in uncomfortable conditions.

Your body adapts to repeated exposure to heat. The sweat will flow better and cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And the sauna is pleasant and beneficial.

People not accustomed to sauna may feel nausea, dizziness or fainting. Nausea is often important warning sign that the body is not supporting this situation. Fainting may occur soon after. This situation is more common if the person is full stomach or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Felt nausea or dizziness, it is recommended to leave the sauna immediately, lie down and take a fruit juice with sugar or at least water. If symptoms are severe, seek help.

Raise abruptly in a sauna can also cause dizziness. During the sauna, the vessels are relaxed and behave more blood. Rising rapidly, the blood tends to accommodate itself in the lower, reducing its quantity in the brain, may cause dizziness. Some people have this symptom in normal situations, or to lie down or crouching for a few minutes, when they rise abruptly may have dizziness. Who usually has such a condition may manifest it more fully in the sauna and should be very careful, moving slowly. If the person is lying down, must sit for a few minutes and then stand up.

Nasal bleeding may occur, particularly in people predisposed to such situations.

Who should not attend sauna: if a person does not attend regularly sauna and leads a sedentary life, you should seek advice from your doctor before you attend it.

Recommended time: It is recommended limiting the time for sauna 10 to 15 minutes. The combination of the high temperature of the sauna followed by a cold shower increases blood circulation and metabolism. This should be repeated a few times and ended with a warm bath in the whirlpool spa wholesale.

Recommended sequence:
- After the sauna, take a warm bath with soap.

- Select a dry or wet sauna, starting at low temperatures and gradually raising it. Let your body to signal the limits. Do not force.

- Relax and enjoy for 10 to 15 minutes or less if you feel hot or uncomfortable. Do not ignore the signs that your body shows it. These can vary from day to day or first sauna for another in the same session.

- No pause between the cold water or take a cold bath or slightly warm. People with coronary problems should avoid rapid cooling.

- Eat small amount of water that your body requires.

- Return to the sauna for 10 to 15 minutes.

- Get in the water or take a bath again.

- Repeat the above steps on the quantity as you like and feel comfortable. Some professionals recommend three series as ideal.

- Finally, take a warm bath in the elegant freestanding bathtubs.

- Stay in the relaxation room for a few good minutes, drinking fluids (water or fruit juices) and resting. Your circulatory system needs to return to normal, after all, the sauna was an effort for the body.

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